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<br> THE FLOWER OF FATIMA - <br>Fatima is Forever - Fr. Robert J. Fox
This book made Our Lady of Fatima known to the world! Written shortly after the apparitions, the account here relies on the living memory of eyewitnesses and on the words of Lucia herself, who had been specifically interviewed for this book. Truly, this is a moving firsthand account of the life of the youngest saint of Fatima and one the newest saints of the Church Jacinta Marto.

Jacinta, newly canonized in March 2017, is unique among the seers of Fatima in her ready, childlike enthusiasm to fulfill Mary s request, that they love God and offer reparation for sin. From then, Jacinta s life was consumed by an atoning love which made sacrifices of the biggest and the smallest things she experienced. Despite much persecution and suffering at the hands of both strangers and family, this little girl overcame her fears and attachments and became a saint, offering her life completely for love of Jesus and Mary.

An extremely interesting and powerful book not only with deep insights on the momentous apparitions of Fatima, but with extremely fascinating news about how Sister Lucia, the final seer, died and the way in which her death was tied in with Jjohn Paul II -- who held a rosary sent to her by the Pope as she died and whose last known act was reading a fax sent by the great Pontiff! A page-turner for all who are Marian.

<br> One Message One Truth: The Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin at Fatima, Lourdes, Akita and Other Approved Apparitions -  DANIEL CONNOLLY <br>The Message of Fatima - Sr. Lucia dos Santos
on March 29, 2017
on December 1, 2016
This is a great introductory book on the topic. In is a quick, clear synopsis of Marian apparitions. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get started on this road.

on August 19, 2014
Mr. Connolly has provided an excellent account of the Marian Apparitions that bear close examination by those Christians, both Catholic and non-Catholic, who believe that we have entered into the "last times" foretold in biblical scripture. His writing style is clear, concise, and jargon free...an enjoyable and informative read.

The famous Fatima seer -- her very last writings on spirituality as related to one of the most famous mystical events of the past 2,000 -- her take on the essence of life, of God, of what we all need to do, of why Mary came to Fatima, and what the Blessed Mother, with her Son, left for us and our posterity; her last testament and a little guide for all of us as we search for our missions and duties in this life.