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<br>Flame of Love - Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann <br>The Flame of Love - Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann

The life and revelations of Elizabeth Kindelmann -- enthralling and edifying, deeply devout, very insightful, and approved not just by her own Cardinal, but by other archbishops as well: messages from Jesus and Mary on spiritual development as well as waging warfare and offering sacrifice!

The powerful, unique, and Church-approved messages from Jesus and Mary to Hungarian seer/ stigmatist Elizabeth Kindelmann, who won approval of a cardinal and many bishops. Here the Lord and Mary speak about Satan, how to 'blind' him, the power of Adoration, the potency of the Precious Blood, the most efficacious ways to pray, saving souls in purgatory, the great troubles facing the world, future events, and the mystery of the 'Flame of Love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary' from an obscure mystic who died in 1985!