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<br>The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics - Compiled by Raphael Brown <br>See How She Loves Us - Joan Carroll Cruz

Masterpiece that combines into one story the visions of four great Catholic mystics on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Truly unforgettable understanding of the otherwise unknown facts concerning Mary and the Holy Family, with a focus on details and insights you have never before encountered on the life of the most extraordinary woman -- and most extraordinary saint -- in all of human history, and into the future.

Fifty Approved Apparitions of the Virgin Mary, new, by Joan Carroll Cruz, ranging across twenty-two countries and many centuries, meticulous fascinating details you have never heard and apparitions you may never before have encountered, showing her love and caring for man and the Church -- with Our Lady's powerful messages and intercessions!

<br> Seeing the Supernatural: How to Sense, Discern and Battle in the Spiritual Realm - Jennifer Eivaz <br> SAINT JOSEPH - AS SEEN BY MYSTICS AND HISTORIANS
November 22, 2017
This book is a compilation of what has been written about Saint Joseph by leading mystics and historians. The dignity of Saint Joseph becomes obvious, to an even awesome degree, as one reads what the experts reveal. As we become increasingly aware of the greatness and power of Saint Joseph, we are inclined, and with confident expectation, to humbly supplicate in all things, "Saint Joseph, pray for us." - Rosalie A. Turton 444 pages