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Now Available! Was the United States founded in the name of Catholicism--and before Jamestown, before Plymouth Rock -- at a spot unknown to many where a Cross (the tallest in the world) now stands?

Was there a hidden mystical element, from Columbus to the establishment of the first Florida settlements?

Does the nation's oldest city -- St. Augustine, Florida, also the site of the first officially documented Mass -- factor into future events?

What does it portend for the nation's future -- a perspective from
George Washington to Donald J. Trump?

In his most powerful book about current events and the "prophetic pulse" since The Final Hour, a huge Catholic bestseller in 1992, Michael H. Brown takes the reader on a fast-paced tour through America's often hidden history, surveying everything from culture to politics to the credible apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

It is a sweep through the decades and centuries that lead up to this present hour -- and what is America's last chance to recover -- to reclaim -- its Christian and Catholic foundation.

"When we look at the signs around us, the division, the scent of uprising, the rumblings of war in a number of nations, the earthquakes along the 'ring of fire' that are now so common they don't even make the news -- we know that we are entering different and tumultuous times," comments the author. "Seers may not be able to spell it out precisely, but the prophetic pulse continues to materialize and those signs continue to rise around us."

It is time to act. We now have the opportunity. It is time to take back what the enemy has stolen. It is a final opportunity -- the current moment -- to recover the Christianity of a nation that has been torn asunder by the conflict between Gospel and anti-Gospel, between Christ and the spirit of anti-christ, between what is holy and secular humanism and an often occult-inspired culture that have sought to place the nation in the hands of a hidden global elite.

Will it -- will we -- do so, will we return to that Cross -- or do we face a moment of truth.

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: GI-798