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SCANDALOUS MERCY (When God goes beyond boundaries) - SR. EMMANUEL MAILLARD

Why "Scandalous" mercy? In these pages the reader will discover unexplored aspects of the Heart of God that you might think are crazy! Crazy with love! You will meet Mother Teresa, Maryam of Bethlehem, a Nazi criminal, a priest condemed to hell, a high-ranking abortionist, a drug dealer from Brazil, a furious mother-in-law, a sick child....and in the middle of all this, the most beautiful Heart of Christ, who is calling ALL His children.
Price: $13.00

: GI-940

This book is another extraordinary gift to the Church from the pen - and even more so, from the heart and spirit, of Sr. Emmanuel. Anyone who has read her previous books knows that she is an extraordinarily sensitive interpreter of the heart and mind of the Lord with a special sensitity to the mission of Mary as she wins grace for souls in truly amazing ways.."  Ralph Martin, Professor of Theology, Director of Graduate Programs in the New Evangelization