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<br> What You Take to Heaven and The God of Miracles <br>The God of Miracles - by Michael H. Brown

Michael H. Brown focuses on how God works in our lives, the miracles that are possible, the way we prepare ourselves to receive them, the route to holiness, with stunning examples of the miraculous and a deep sense of encouragement. Does God really heal? Does He really watch over your life? Does He really cause all those fateful happenings and triumphant moments and coincidences that mystify us? A book that will inspire you and bring you up from the "downs" of life and give you hope no matter how hopeless life can seem! This is one of our most popular ever. Autographed. (186 pages)

<br>The God of Miracles and The Other Side <br> A Life of Blessings and The God of Miracles
<br> Seven Days with Mary and The God of Miracles