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Curse Breaking - Fredom from the Bondage of Generational Sin - Bob Larson <br>Blessing or Curse - Derek Prince

Freedom from the Bondage of Generational Sin, by Bob Larson, a Christian minister who has been on numerous national shows (from Fox to CNN, from Nightline to Good Morning America) discussing curses: Are they for real? Is there a link between sin and bondage? How do you identify them? What are the keys top breaking them -- and regaining stability in emotions, finances, health, and relationship with God. Recommended

General Christian, a famous dissertation on how curses can have actual effects -- sickness, financial pressure, strained relationships, and even accidents. Prince suggests that we counter the curses in our lives with blessings -- and that to do so we have to realize how they work. Prince shows dramatically that curses are not superstitions.

<br>Breaking Family Curses - Jonas Clark <br>Prayers that Break Curses - John Eckhardt

Another fascinating and useful book by a general Christian who travels the world in a famous deliverance ministry and offers tremendous insight into the spiritual challenges and battles around us -- particularly those that afflict our loved ones. He explains that 'demon powers and familiar spirits look for family curses. Family curses are reoccurring problems that steal, kill, and destroy: sickness, marital problems, financial failures.' Curses? Here we find ways to break them!

A powerful, highly useful general Christian book that analyzes various curses and major demonic strongholds and presents in-depth prayers to break each one -- curses that have to do with finances, with infirmity, with idolatry, with addiction, with 'seared conscience, and with our war against the unGodly! Often, we don't realize the spiritual reasons for negative happenings!