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<br>Patience and Humility - William Ullathorne, O.S. B. <br>Humility of Heart -  Fr. Cajetan Mary de Bergamo

Heroism, self-denial, and even martyrdom are worthless without humility and patience, says the author. This book shows h ow to develop these two key virtues, no matter how difficult your circumstances may be. You'll learn why Jesus said that "to save your life, you must first lose it," and you'll come to see how the self-surrender in humility brings happiness.

An extremely popular classic full of wisdom and gems of instruction on how we attain one of the most important characteristics of holiness -- humility deep in our spirits. From every direction, Fr. Bergamo marshals up reasons to practice humility and why it was so important in the lives of saints. No one enters Heaven without it -- and so we must know how to assess ourselves and how to build this powerful characteristic in the depth of our souls!