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<BR>  LIFE MISSIONS AND THE GOD OF HEALING - MICHAEL H. BROWN <br> Life Missions/ Family Healing and Secrets of the Eucharist
<br>  SPECIAL!  TWO FOR $6.50 - LIFE MISSIONS, FAMILY HEALINGS <br>Life Missions, Family Healing - by Michael H. Brown

A booklet compilation, overview and close look at the growing claims that family lines can be plagued by problems caused by spirits that come down through the generations -- leading to illness, distress of many sorts, and inexplicable family tendencies! Yet something that a number of priests -- citing Scripture -- claim can be cast away through recognition of the problems, partaking of the sacraments, and diligent prayer. Included: extremely powerful prayer of deliverance, a family healing prayer, and blessing for salt. (65 pages) .Autographed.