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<br>Medjugorje - The Way Home DVD <br>The Hidden Child of Medjugorje by Sr. Emmanuel

Sister Emmanuel, another Spirit-filled work by a sister who has spent years in the extraordinary village and who unearths remarkable accounts and lessons you will see nowhere else -- from spiritual lessons and miracles of an old prophecies from a former villager. She is also the author of Freed and Healed Through Fasting. Read about an old 'eccentric' man who seemed to predict Medjugorje decades before it occurred and about those who have visited and come back with miracles beyond any comprehension!

<br> THE JOY OF MEDJUGORJE - WAYNE WEIBLE <br>Medjugorje and the Eucharist - Wayne Weible

<br>The Fruits of Medjugorje by Elizabeth Ficocelli <br>Medjugorje and the Church - Denis Nolan

A new and professional look at some stunning conversions and miracles at the most famous active apparition site in the world, the place of wonders in Bosnia-Hercegovina where 30,000 priests and bishops have visited, and where now Ficocelli takes us on a whirlwind look at some of the most captivating accounts at this time when the apparitions are suddenly once more and despite controversy coming to the fore!

<br>The Medjugorje Fasting Book - Wayne Weible <br>Our Lady Speaks from Medjugorje - Andrew Jerome Yeung

The Medjugorje Fasting Book - Wayne Weible

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