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<br>Witness - Josyp Terelya - by Michael H. Brown Eyewitness to Heaven - James Wilburn Chauncey

Witness - Josyp Terelya - by Michael H. Brown

Price: $19.95
Sale Price: $14.95

The dynamic autobiography of a mystic in the Soviet gulag! His suffering, his visions, his apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (many photos, bestseller in 1990s, full of dramatic accounts). Follow the drama as a boy becomes a man in the Godless Soviet Union -- and refuses to reject his faith. Autographed.

The electrifying account of a boy who died from spinal meningitis, was ready to be cremated, but came to, with glimpses of eternity, an encounter with Jesus and Mary as well as angels, deceased loved ones he had never met, and surprising, startling visions of massive future events he says will occur in the world. (General Christian)