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Pray this beautiful rosary of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, and let her begin to untie the knots of your life. Made of
beautiful red wood and is 14". Our Pope's special devotion.

Our Lady of Grace,Holy Water font, 7.25", resin, stone, just $20.00, free shipping

Not the ordinary medal, but for our time, a larger seven-inch, well-made crucifix made in Italy, with a very substantial and holy feel as no piece of jewelry but a real tool of defense in your home! Bigger than the palm of your hand, it is nonetheless the official and sanctioned medal. Do we recommend it? We have them for our personal use, and hope everyone does the same at a time when sacramentals are so crucial as a household shield. Free shipping!

Saint Joseph, Child - beautiful, resin/stone mix, 10", $32.00, free shipping

Our Lady of Grace

Price: $40.00

Sacred Heart of Jesus, high quality, 10.25", $40, free shipping,

(Each elegant protector stands on a base with a drawer. The drawer conceals a scroll with a reverent prayer to the Saint).

Our Lady Undoer of Knots 9" solid, free shipping

$49.00, imported from South America.

Angel with baby, garden statue, 17",  resin/stone, free shipping