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<br>Healing Power Prayers - Robert Abel <br>The Rosary of Pope John Paul II
<br>First Friday/First Saturday Devotions <br>The Wonders of the Holy Name - Fr. Paul O'Sullivan
<br>Mystical Rosary with Mystical Mass Prayer - Fr. Luke Zimmer <br>Novena to the Holy Ghost
<br>Eucharistic Adoration Rosary <br>Devotion to the Holy Face
<br>Devotion to the Sacred Heart <br>Prayer for Healing Your Family and You - Fr. Yosefu Ssemakula
<br>Favorite Prayers to St. Joseph <br>Devotion to the Holy Spirit
<br>Prayer - The Great Means of Grace <br>Devotion to the Precious Blood
<br>The 10 Commandments of Prayer - Fr. Robert DeGrandis <br> The Importance of the Holy Face Devotion in the 21st Century - Mrs. Kathleen M. Heckenkamp
<br>The Pieta Prayer Book <br>Devotion to the Sorrowful Mother
<br>Miracle Hour - by Linda Schubert <br>Being Born Into Eternal Life - Sr. Anne Sophie Phillipe Meaney