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In this captivating and carefully documented book, Dr. Taylor Marshall pulls back the curtain on their nefarious plan, showing how these enemies of Christ strategically infiltrated the seminaries, then the priesthood, then the episcopacy, and eventually the cardinal-electors all with the eventual goal of electing one of their own as pope.

You'll come to see that the seemingly endless scandals plaguing the Church are not the result, as so many think, of cultural changes, or of Vatican II, but rather the natural consequences of an orchestrated demonic plot to destroy the Church.

In these gripping pages, you'll discover:

  • How popes of the 1800s discovered a plot to infiltrate the Church
  • How theologians suspected of being Modernists became Vatican powerbrokers.
  • How modifications in Catholic canon law enabled predator priests like Theodore McCarrick to stay in positions of power.
  • How Our Lady of La Salette gave a prophetic warning of the plot to infiltrate the Church.
  • How the chief architect of liturgical reforms was discovered to be a Freemason.
  • Archbishop Fulton Sheen's role in exposing the Communist infiltration of the priesthood.
and much more.... Hardcover, 224 pages

Price: $24.95

: GI-2046

4.0 out of 5 starsA Timely Warning
With the tenacity of a martial artist, the zeal of a convert, and the insight of a Catholic theologian, Dr. Marshall has given the Church a fast paced historical narrative showing how some temporal and spiritual forces have threatened the integrity and unity of the Catholic Church. My wife and I read it on date night last night, and it is a page turner!

5.0 out of 5 starsBombshell!!
This is a fabulous book that every Catholic should read. Be ready to be red-pilled!
Over the last year, listening to Taylor Marshall, my whole family has been renewed in our Catholic faith. We attend daily Mass as much as possible, pray a daily rosary, and have been more faithful to other devotions.