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According to many informed observers, the Church is in the midst of the most serious crisis it has ever undergone. More and more questions keep arising about what really happened in 2013 with the surprising "resignation" of Benedict XVI, his decision to remain on as "pope emeritus," and thus the presence of two popes living side-by-side. Why had the papacy of Benedict XVI become a sign of contradiction? What was happening on the geopolitical level? Who supported a "revolution" within the Catholic Church? Did, in fact, Pope Benedict truly resign?

These are the questions Antonio Socci tries to answer, in what can only be described as an exciting "thriller," closely scrutinizing the facts, along with the actions and words of Benedict XVI over the past six years, and concluding that he remains pope, a fact that has as-yet-unexplored consequences. In this compelling and well-documented work, Socci investigates the mysterious mission to which Benedict XVI has felt called in service of the Church and the world. Paperback, 182 pages
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: GI-2052

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June 16, 2019
An excellent, carefully researched, and convincingly argued assessment of the current unprecedented tumult of the Catholic Church, and the roles of "the two popes" in the midst of it all. This book brings so much clarity to what Catholics are now living through, and in so doing removes some of the confusion - and the fear that accompanies confusion. However, in my opinion, the real tour de force, is the final chapter, "Everything Is Possible" -- a truly stunning, prophetic, and, yes, frightening examination of the place of "the two popes" in the current state of the Church AND the world. It should serve as a wake-up call of the highest magnitude to everyone, regardless of religion or background.
Top Negative Review:

July 2, 2019
First, I have read every Papal Encyclical and Apostolic Exhortation since Pius XII. Francis has not contradicted anything written by any previous Popes, and in many ways is more traditional than my hero St. John Paul II. Someone loaned me this to read. I concluded just as they had that this author and his ridiculous theories are a shame upon people who call themselves "Catholic," but insist on joining the "iMOP" group. That stands for "I'm My Own Pope."