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Hollywood has co-opted the notion of diabolical possession, placing the devil at center stage. Forgotten are those people who were possessed and their family members. In this book, the very people who suffered the indescribable tell the true story of their trials in which tragedy turns to victory, thanks to the help of a humble and generous Franciscan exorcist.Beginning with an exegesis of Christ's exorcism narratives in the Gospel of Mark, we then come to the main body of the book: 14 people give their testimony of diabolical possession. Finally, Friar Benigno, the exorcist who helped bring these suffering souls to deliverance gives us a manual of spiritual combat to overcome the influence of the Evil One in our lives.
Price: $19.95

: GI-2120

In a society that can be obsessed with the occult, this book shares the horrible reality of true Satanic possession from an expert point of view. Unlike other books of a similar theme, this book simultaneously keeps an equal, if not greater, focus on the hope and beauty of God working in these people’s lives. Amidst the terrible suffering endured by these souls, this book beautifully stresses the power of God’s grace, and the power of many day to day prayers/items we may often take for granted. It opens one’s eyes to the larger supernatural reality that surrounds us in our everyday lives. I recommend it 100%!

5.0 out of 5 stars
The devil is real and he is nasty. This book, however, shows that through the consecrated hands of exorcists, the devil does not win. Those who read these stories will grow in knowledge that a fight is on between good and evil and it is only through Jesus Christ and His sacraments that true healing can come. Thanks to Fr Cliff Ermatinger for bringing these stories into English.