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Satan is always at work breeding sadness and anxiety while providing obstacles that prevent souls from making spiritual progress. In this concise yet powerful book, author Dan Burke presents the venerable, time-tested wisdom of Catholic mystics to help you understand the influence of the Enemy on your mind and heart, and the tactics you need to combat him.

With St. Ignatius as his guide, Burke presents here an indispensable, authoritative manual for engaging in daily battle with the Adversary combat that is both inevitable and winnable. Burke will help you recognize the ebbs and flows of consolation and desolation, and distinguish between the voices of God and of Satan. Best of all, you'll come to see the spiritual life not as a science to be learned, but as an intuitive art to be practiced as you move with increasing success from habitual sin to sanctity.

The battle for our souls is unavoidable. The saints won theirs by learning how to be spiritual warriors and by recognizing that we become stronger through battle and grow weaker from avoidance. 120 pages, paperback

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: GI-2130


"Dan Burke's new book is a powerful reminder that there is a battle for the salvation of our souls. In this book, he explains the teachings of the great mystical saints to help you understand what you can do to win the battle, grow closer to Christ, and achieve the peace that only He can give you. I recommend this book for anyone ready to grow in holiness."

Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller, Former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith

"As Christians we have received the vocation to holiness, but we need guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also need human support. This book offers us much wisdom from the spiritual tradition of the Church. I hope and pray that many faithful will be helped by this book on their spiritual journey."

Cardinal Anders Arborelius, O.C.D. Bishop of Stockholm

"Dan Burke's new book provides essential, inspired formation for equipping the Church militant. As many people who read and practice the spiritual exercises articulated here in a new light will be prepared to overcome personal and corporate sin and evil. I expect this work to inspire a movement of aspiring saints; fierce soldiers for Christ!"

Kathleen Beckman Diocese of Orange, CA, Deliverance, Exorcism Ministry Coordinator