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God loves you. You know this or have at least heard this. Satan hates you. Did you know that? Perhaps you know this already, from living in this world, even if you have not heard it preached to you. Satan hates you and, with all the demons, is dedicating his existence to bringing your life into ruin. Sorry, but it’s true, and you need to know.

When I was young, I remember asking a religion teacher about the devil. The answer made me think no one was able to help me with this question or any other religious question. During those classes, and every other time someone spoke to me about God, they never mentioned that I was in a battle against Satan and countless demons. Since it’s true that I am, it would have seemed like a good idea to tell me – but they did not. All the while, I slowly slipped away from having any interest in God. Instead, I was slowly slipping into a major depression and crippling anxiety disorder, which took me out of college and almost out of this world.I wasn’t born with a sword in my hand, but I wish I had been. It would have spared me a lot of pain. Not only would I have known that I was being attacked and provoked by Satan to reject God and embrace a life of sin, but I would have also known that the Church has a storehouse of spiritual weapons and is eagerly trying to get them into my hands. Unarmed, I turned away from God and embraced a worldly and miserable life.

But God broke in to my miserable life and began to cut down the demons and shadows that had oppressed me since I was first bullied at the age of five. That dramatic conversion started me down a path of training for spiritual warfare, one which is still unfolding. As a high school Theology teacher, I have desired to give the real Truth to my students. I pray this book accomplishes the same. Let your eyes be opened. See the truth of your life and let Christ set you free from the dragon and his shadows. 69 pages, paperback
Price: $12.00

: GI-2258

The author tells a captivating story from his youth and how it formed his self image growing up, and how God changed his life! He introduces teens to a counter-culture Catholic message not often heard by Catholics - God is real, and so is Satan! Includes helpful prayers to take into battle. VERY fast read, so you can read it 2 or 3 times in the course of a week and catch every tidbit!

5.0 out of 5 stars