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FREE SHIPPING! MYSTIC OF THE HOLY WOUNDS: The Life and Revelations of Sister Mary Martha Chambon

<br>FREE SHIPPING!   MYSTIC OF THE HOLY WOUNDS: The Life and Revelations of Sister Mary Martha Chambon

Sister Mary Martha Chambon (1841-1907) was a religious of the Visitation Order in Chambéry, France, to whom Jesus Christ revealed the powerful treasures of devotion to His Sacred Wounds. It was to her that Our Lord taught two prayers invoking the Holy Wounds which the Catholic Church subsequently approved for recitation by the faithful. Although Sister Mary Martha’s extraordinary gifts of grace were unknown, while alive, to the outside world, and even to most of the sisters within her community, this victim soul’s life was immersed in the supernatural: continuous apparitions and messages from Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Saints of Heaven; communications with the Holy Souls in Purgatory; the bearing of the stigmata; feeding only on the Holy Eucharist for years at a time; attacks from the devil; miraculous answers to prayer; infused knowledge of hidden and far-off events; and prophecies which arguably pertain to the unprecedented crisis we are witnessing in the Church today.

In obedience to the priests serving as spiritual directors to the Visitation of Chambéry, and in accordance with the express wishes of Our Lord Himself, the Mother Superiors of the illiterate Sister Mary Martha diligently wrote down the divine messages relayed to their daughter and the miraculous happenings surrounding her person. The details they compiled form the basis for this book and aim to fulfill the following words Jesus spoke to Sister Mary Martha: “Your path is to make Me known and loved, especially in the future.” 303 pages, paperback
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I beg of you to purchase this book and become devoted to Our Lord’s Holy Wounds. Incredible promises are attached for those who honor His Wounds. It is sad that this devotion is so little know. I believe knowledge of this devotion was saved for the times that we are living in right now.
Please read and share with everyone!

5.0 out of 5 stars
I would love to disseminate the prayers that Our Lord gave this mystic. They're the remedy for so many of the societal and Church ills right now. This book has really touched me.