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Dancing Past the Dark - Nancy Evans Bush
<b> Dancing Past the Dark - Nancy Evans Bush

Almost one in five near-death experiences are not peaceful suggestions of heaven. In a wide-ranging and far from gloomy look at the other near-death experience, Nancy Evans Bush gives the first comprehensive look at a fascinating but neglected topic: NDEs and deathbed visions of fear, emptiness, and even hell.

A wonderfully readable book, grounded in thirty years of experience and research, Dancing is packed with first-person accounts, engrossing discussion and factual answers to a myriad of questions, both religious and secular, with practical suggestions for integrating such an experience or encountering one as a caregiver.

Here are ways of thinking about the subject that will be new to many readers. What becomes evident is that to see these only as a terrible threat about death is largely to miss their point. absolutely enthralling literary, adventurous, incisive, informative and smart one of the strongest, most thought-provoking books on the paranormal I've ever seen.
Price: $21.95

: GI-580

Steve Volk Fringe-ology The book is an outstanding piece of work. It is a wonderfully comprehensive and rich history of what can be known and what might be considered about NDEs [and] bursts with anecdote and commentary, reinforcing for the reader that there is always another way to see things.

Wayne Rollins, MDiv, PhD Soul and Psyche, Jung and the Bible, and other titles Dancing Past the Dark is what we have all been waiting for a must for any experiencer of any type of encounter with the numinous.