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Peace Will Have the Last Word - Sr. Emmanuel Maillard
Peace Will Have the Last Word - Sr. Emmanuel Maillard

The mercy of God is scandalous. It even borders on the extreme! Sr. Emmanuel's real life stories and testimonies take the reader's heart on a journey of God's mercy, passing through the prisons of New York, and into the confessionals of the Saints! Through them we witness that much-desired peace that comes form Above, gaining victory over emptiness, futility and fear.

Here are words that many no longer dare to speak, and yet, they have the power to help rebuild a degenerating society. This book is a shot in the arm, an injection of hope that will hasten the time when, in the hearts of all, peace will have the last word!

"When you take up this book, be prepared for a late night because you will not be able to put it down. But read it in small doses, a chapter a day, so as to allow all the riches it contains to sink in. It is a modern day Gospel!"
Sr. Briege McKenna
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: GI-59