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Healing You and Your Family Tree - Fr. Christopher Onouha

<br>Healing You and Your Family Tree - Fr. Christopher Onouha

Our Lord Jesus desires our healing more than we do. This book helps us identify blocks to receiving the healing graces of the Holy Spirit, removing blocks to self-knowledge, and live more fruitful and fulfilled Christian lives.

This book guides us to practice listening prayer, and through it to uproot sin. We carry crosses in our lives, but are they all from God? This book will aid us discern true and false crosses.

Family and personal bondage is suffering; could they be generational? What signs help us discern these?

This book explains the 12 comprehensive Open Doors to bondage;
How to close the doors to evil and open them to grace and healing in the name of Jesus;
Reading and making sense of our thoughts and feelings and how feelings can help us diagnose and monitor our spiritual state, and prepare us for responsive vigilance.

Through baptism we are priest, prophet and king. This baptismal authority draws us into warfare to save souls. Join in the network of intercession as spiritual warriors to reclaim our families for God. Jesus came that we might have life in full, but the devil seeks to hold us in bondage. This book can help us on that journey of healing to true freedom. This book is theologically balanced and scripturally rich, and is based on sound Christian doctrine. It is a companion for the journey.
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