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Was the United States founded in the name of Catholicism--and before Jamestown, before Plymouth Rock -- at a spot unknown to many where a Cross (the tallest in the world) now stands?

Was there a hidden mystical element, from Columbus to the establishment of the first Florida settlements?

Does the nation's oldest city -- St. Augustine, Florida, also the site of the first officially documented Mass -- factor into future events? And what about apparitions of Mary through those decades -- and ones that now may indicate the nation's future?

What does it portend for the nation's future -- a perspective from George Washington to Donald J. Trump?

In his most powerful book about current events and the "prophetic pulse" since The Final Hour, a huge Catholic bestseller in 1992, Michael H. Brown takes the reader on a fast-paced tour through America's often hidden history -- and future -- surveying everything from culture to politics to the credible apparitions of the Virgin Mary.

Will it -- will we -- do so, will we return to that Cross -- or do we face a moment of truth.

[Early feedback: 'Just wanted to comment that your newest book is INCREDIBLE! Probably your best work yet and that is saying a lot. Michael, you should make this into DVD course! Each chapter gets better and better and hard to put down. Thanks so much for your research and information on this great country, and particularly, how our great faith helped to create it. Blessings, Linda, NH'

'WOW! Hit this out of the ballpark!! Great, great read. Could not put this book down, so much info and history of our country that I did not know! Wonderful read! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this book! Patti in MI.']

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: GI-798